It all started with our love and passion for biking until we realised that we are capable of transforming that passion into something more – and so we opened our own bicycle store.

Our mission is simple; which is to create an exceptional brand of our own, that will have a place in the hearts of the community and be trusted by all. We knew that the only possible way of achieving this is through a close relationship with our customers, delivered from the excellent care and services that we promised to provide.

The most exciting part of building this business is that we would like everyone to experience the chills and thrills of biking; as well as to reconnect ourselves with nature throughout the whole enjoyable rides.

As much as we love being in this love-of-biking culture, we would like our customers to be part of it too – simply because it is so much fun when we explore, move and discover it all together.

Apart from supplying the essentials for your bike, we are also specialized in technical support and repairs. Get the broken parts or any damages of your bike fixed in no time. You can either drop by or simply call in for our repair service.

Serving You at Our Best Level” is our working motto – and we will never disappoint.

Thank you for your trust and support.